First of all, we would like to send our best wishes to you for your health, success and the most sincere thanks from your support, attention and attachment that you have dedicated your affection to our company. during the past time.

       Chinh Thanh Trading and Transport Private Enterprise was established with the following criteria: "Good goods, good price, better service". Ready to meet the equipment materials and goods, specialized distribution to commercial companies, production in many places across the country.

        We specialize in providing products and services such as:
            - Valves for water, steam, gas
           - Room equipment: mirror bath and stainless steel accessories ...
           - Water pumps: industrial, civil and fire
           - Accessories for water, steam, automation ...
           - Pipes: plastic, metal, rubber
           - Cooling equipment such as industrial fan, ventilation, cooling tower, fan ...
           - Industrial and civil electrical equipment
           - Machinery, tools and tools for industry: agriculture, construction, mining, mechanics, repair ...
           - Labor protection equipment (hat, coat, mask, safety belt, respirator ...)
            - Environmental equipment (nozzle, irrigation, spray).
       Especially, we are the sole distributor for Taiwan No.1 Joint Venture, WUFENG, NTP water pump, SWAN air compressor, which has received sincere appreciation from many customers. using, asserting perfect quality and increasing prestige as well as being a direct importer of machinery and technology from advanced countries to contribute to the modernization and modernization of the country.
We are committed to the prestige in the past many years, ensuring that the products and services that we provide to you are prestige, quality and efficiency will satisfy your desire.

       The name of the business is: "Thanh Yap Thanh Tam" also said that commitment and we strive to do better to fake rolex watches look forward to receive the praise, love faith, attachment Long of customers. Once again, sincerely wish you the best wishes for health, success, happiness and the most sincere thanks to the desire to always receive the support of your cooperation.